Touchscreen LTE  Wireless Cellular Thermostat Upgrade

Touchscreen LTE Wireless Cellular Thermostat Upgrade

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*This must be purchased in conjunction with a current kit. This is a upgrade price if you require heat and/or LTE/app functionality*

Compatible with all our system

Not your average thermostat. This thermostat is app controlled wirelessly via Verizon's LTE-M network (Internet of Things network). This means you can start your AC, Heater or check the temp in your van while you are still on the trail miles away from your van, anywhere you have Verizon Cellular coverage. No wifi, no bluetooth limitations.

Your first year of service is included. After that it is entirely your choice to renew at $50/year directly via the app. 

The firmware is designed exclusively for our PWM driven A/C Systems. Compared to the standard included thermostat with your kit, this thermostat adds or changed functionality;

3 user selectable fan speeds instead of 7. 

Speed 1 - 30% Speed 2 - 60% Speed 3 - 90%

Turn second compressor speed on/off

When disabled the second compressor speed will not be used, limiting the systems overall BTU output while lowering overall system draw if you are on limited battery system. When enabled, the system will automatically use the second speed based on the temperature requirements of the system. When the system requirement is more than 1.5C (2.7F @ 68F) the system will utilize the compressor higher speed. When the temperature difference is 0.75C or under, only the low speed will be utilized

Heat Functionality

Allows your thermostat to control hydronic, forced or heated floors with the same thermostat, and the same app. Able to control secondary heating system (floor, etc) by offering a no fan call heat option.

Touchscreen, buttons or app.

Thermostat allows full control wirelessly by app, via built in touchscreen color display or built in 4 buttons.



Presently only compatible on the Verizon network in the United States.

No Canadian compatibility at this time.

Compatible with all of our Undermount 12V and 24V systems sold since 2019 except our new V2 24V system which utilizes a 24V evaporator blower. (Working on the firmware to include this blower in a future release) 


Remove cable header and strip wires. Strip Only Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink and Red w/white stripe. The other two (purple and yellow are not used). Full installation manual will follow.