HASS - Home Assistant - ESPHome

Home automation and van automation has become increasingly popular with many of our customers wanting a clean electrical system configurable and fully run using Home Assistant.

Unfortunately the vast majority of available thermostats don't interface very well with HASS or provide a very limited interface.

The solution to this problem is our ESPHome Thermostat. This is a independent module that replaces the physical thermostat and is compatible with every generation of our A/C systems.

The ESPHome Thermostat is a simple module with 4 Outputs dedicated to the A/C system and 2 additional +12V outputs for additional features (Heat, solenoids, etc). Maximum 1A per output.

The thermostat features a ESP32-S3 Wroom-2 development module (ESP32-S3-DevKitC-1-N8R8) fully compatible with ESPHome and the Climate component (See here)

A 1 meter SHT30 Temperature and Humidity sensor it connected to the I2C bus. The build in power supply is capable of handing 10-31V DC.


One of our valued customers has created a Github repository with ESPHome browser installation with the appropriate YAML file here:

Github UndermountAC


Thermostat is available now to all existing customers, future customers have the option of switching for out our new touchscreen thermostat in exchange for this ESPHome.

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