Competitive Advantage

Our systems are the best in the business, and we offer several advantages over our competition. Here is why our Undermount AC system is superior in almost every way. If you are shopping around, feel free to ask our competition directly about any of these points.


We use the best DC variable speed compressor in the business. Benling is one of the first in the DC variable speed business and is a high quality unit. The quality is so high that the failure rate is less than 0.05%. These compressors are standard units in many OEM automobiles and the go to compressor for most DC industrial and military applications.

Our compressors are mounted outside as they are IP rated to withstand this potentially harsh climate. We never recommend mounting a hot compressor inside the same space it's trying to cool. Imagine having your refrigerator compressor inside your refrigerator?

Parts Quality

We will proudly tell you where each and every one of our components is manufactured. We hand picked each component because it's the best at what it does. Every piece of our kit is a quality component sourced globally. We feature the best parts sourced from the USA, Canada, Italy and China with at least 50% of the components manufactured in the USA.

Brushless Evaporator Motors

We use state of the art brushless PWM controlled blowers. Why? Brushed blowers are inefficient and require a resistor pack to adjust speed.

Resistor packs and/or potentiometers adjust the speed of a brushed fan by cutting the voltage (using resistors) to get to the desired speed. However, the input remains the same. The difference between what wattage the motor requires at that speed, and the input is taken up by the resistors, which create heat as the byproduct of the difference.

It is highly inefficient as the blower assembly will draw the same wattage regardless of blower speed. PWM Brushless blowers cut voltage digitally and only draw the wattage required without any heat or wasted energy.

Condenser,  No-drill mounts and hush fans

We use high quality copper core tube and fin condensers. The same efficient assemblies found in your home's AC system. Yes, copper and the manufacturing process is expensive, however the benefits outweigh the cost when you have infinite mounting options. Tube and Fine condensers are the only style of condenser that can be mounted fully horizontal. In combination with our now standard and exclusive hush kits (half as loud as the competition) and our no drill vehicle specific mounts, you get the best possible system for the best possible price.

We can guarantee that at the end of the day you get what you pay for. We strive to provide you the best possible product at the best possible price. If you are looking for a high quality A/C system and the best long term value for money, UndermountAC is your source.