What is Included?

Many of our customers wonder, what exactly is included with my Combi eco or eco plus kit?

Outside of the unit itself and CP Plus Display the following items are included to support your installation.

Exhaust Type and Ducting


Wall Flue with 1 Meter (39.3") Ducting (for installations located further to exterior wall)

Exterior Exhaust Cowl Vent

This is your Combi's connection to the outside world. You will need to drill a 3-1/4" or 83MM Hole on the side of your RV or trailer as per the instruction manual. 

Exhaust Cowl Gasket

Exhaust Cowl Cover (Black)

Exhaust Inner Hose Clamps (2x)

Exhaust Outer Hose Clamps (2x)

Exhaust Cowl Screw kit (8x Philips Head Stainless Steel)

80MM Hose Clamps (2x)

These clamps are used to hold the Exhaust/Intake Hose out of harms way as per installation manual

Hot Water Push Lock Connector (10MM to 12MM)

This has a automatic air purge valve to make sure the boiler is full of water when in use

Air Purge Hose 

Attaches to the Hot Water Adapter and is required to be directed outside the RV. 

Cold Water Push Lock Connector (10MM to 12MM)

Cold and Hot Water 1/2" Adapter (2x)

Allows for you to use standard PEX or CTS 1/2" Lines with the 12MM Push Lock Connectors

Pressure Safety Valve 

This valve opens when the hot water side increases past 65psi. This is a safety features and requires to be routed outside of the RV or Trailer. Includes 1/2" Pex adapters.

Water Pressure Regulator 

This must be installed so that any incoming water in your RV or Trailer is pressure regulated before it reaches the Combi as per installation manual. This units steps down high pressure pumps, or city water to 30PSI. Has two standard 1/2" NPT Threads.

Room Temperature Sensor

Must be installed as per installation manual, requires 25/64" or 10mm hole drilled. It is advised this is installed on a inside wall, and not a outside wall as the cold wall will affect readings.

Room Temperature Sensor Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness between Room Temperature Sensor and Combi. 13.1FT or 4M in length

CP Cable for Control Panel

Attaches between the CP Plus Display and the Combi Unit

CP Plus Display Wiring Lead

Provides 12V to the CP Plus Display 


CP Plus Wall Plate Mount 

CP Plus Wall Plate Screws (4x)

Used to Mount Wall Plate to the Wall

CP Plus to Wall Plate Screw (1x)

Hidden under the front button, this screw holds the CP Plus to the Wall Plate

Spade Connectors (2x)

Used to provide +12V power to the combi unit. Please use a 10A Fuse connected with 12 AWG Wire