UndermountAC Touchscreen Thermostat

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Introducing our next-generation 4" touchscreen thermostat. We have been developing this unit in house for a while and are pleased to release the first phase.

Some of our favorite features include:

  • 7 evaporator speeds (40-100%) so you can pick the exact speed you want.
  • Automatic timer to prevent short cycles (compressor on for too short of a time)
  • Automatic timer for compressor rest (compressor off for too short of a time)
  • Built in fan timer (automatic 60 seconds after cooling cycle stops to allow the fan to purge the evaporator of any cool air that remains, allowing for added efficiency.
  • Clean, small and modern 4" display
  • External temperature sensor (3' sensor allows for placement away from heat/cool sources and at the most desired level in your van

The planned release will be in 3 phases.

Phase 1: A/C only thermostat with 7 fan speeds, Dual compressor speeds, with basic requested features (blacklight lighting, easy to navigate, display can be turned off, stylish and modern) Complete. Released.

Phase 2: The firmware will be updated (can be done by the user via wifi) to include MQTT functionality. Meaning the thermostat will connect to your wifi network and log into your MQTT server so it can receive commands via Home Assistant or other automation. Complete. Released.

Phase 3: The firmware will updated to control an external heat module. This module will have relay's to you can control valve's, pump's, Espar heater, etc. Complete. Released. See Here



Is this compatible with my older version UAC kit?

Yes. it is compatible with every version kit we have sold 12V or 24V.

Will there be a cell phone app compatible with this thermostat?

No, not at this time. 

Can I purchase now, but upgrade firmware later?

Yes, absolutely. We will release firmware files as updates happen. The built in Wifi manager will allow you to update the firmware.

How does it mount?

It mounts using the built in clips. Cut a opening in your using the included guide, attach wiring and clip in place.

Is it more expensive than the previous offering?

No, this thermostat has lowered the kit prices, and the LTE thermostat will be offered as an upgrade to those that require LTE hardware and app.

Is it available in another color?

We have Silver and Black skins available that clip overtop of the display completely covering and white portions. We can provide them with your kit purchase free of charge, or we can provide you with the STL file to 3D print yourself.


Firmware version history (released) 

Please email us for the latest firmware update.

v1.8 - More stable MQTT functionality. + Minor fixes Released April 15, 2024

V1.7 - Added Beta Wifi MQTT functionality. Released February 7, 2024

V1.6 - Updated UI to address temp window not showing 100F+ properly.

V1.5 - Updated UI and cleaned up status window




Installation and User Guide 

Download Here