Hush Kit for Condenser Fans

Hush Kit for Condenser Fans

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*ALL Systems now come with Hush Fans*

Our brand new hush kit for our new horizontal/vertical mount black condenser is now available!

This upgrade is presently only available at the time of purchase as an upgrade over the existing fans. These axial fans are precision made and balanced resulting in an average decrease of about 6 dB (That is double the sound level) over the existing SPAL fans.

As a bonus from balancing these new fans remove some of of the higher pitch noise resulting in more "air noise" and less "blade noise" or motor noise. 

This is as quiet as it gets for axial fans. Unfortunately it comes at a price. Highly recommended.

Actual Readings.

Directly in front of area with condenser mounted 72dB

In front of van (roughly 6' away) 68dB

Inside van (Non insulated sprinter) 57.4dB