What is it?

What is the Truma Combi Eco?

The Truma Combi eco is the North American version of the Truma Combi 4 available for the last 20 years in Europe. This latest generation combination furnace and boiler is tried and tested in the harshest of environments.

The Truma Combi will allow you to enjoy the sounds of mother nature with its exceptionally quiet furnace. Many ask, "is it even on?" only to place their hand in front of a vent to feel the hot air. This reason, along with its exceptional fuel economy puts the Truma Combi well ahead of the pack and is the reason most RV manufacturers have moved to Truma systems in North America like their European Cousins did decades ago.


Why a Combination furnace and water heater?

Space is almost always a premium in RV and camping trailers. By combining both a water heater and furnace into one unit you halved the amount of space required for installation and supporting ducting, etc. Since the Truma Combi has a 10L (2.64 Gallon) stainless steel water jacket, anytime you use your furnace, hot water is a bi-product. Does this mean hot air is a bi-product of heating water in the summer? No. the Truma Combi has a separate circulation fan for the exhaust and can produce hot water without heating any air. The opposite is also true, the Truma Combi does not need water in its water jacket to heat the air. You can be fully winterized with no water in the system and still have the comfort of a furnace.

Why Propane? Why not Diesel? 

Propane is by far the cleanest fuel for use in RV's outside of electricity. The availability of Propane in North America is extensive and is the most common fuel in traditional RV for water heating, furnace use and generators. There is a reason for this, it's maintenance free. RV's see a lot of infrequent use. When you are ready to take the family out, you want your furnace to start up and run when called upon. Propane also has the lowest boiling point out of the available fuels, meaning the combustion is going to be quieter, more proportional and is not affected by altitude or propane quality issues.

Diesel is very dirty and not nearly as efficient. Most Webasto or Espar heaters require yearly removal and cleaning of carbon and soot build up. Typically these units (genuine offerings) offer no cost savings over a Truma Combi and can not heat your water, so you require an additional appliance. There are no diesel combination furnace/boilers systems certified to use for the North American market. 

You get what you pay for..

The old adage is true, you get what you pay for. Quality furnaces have low failure rates and no maintenance requirements. The Truma is a quality product made in Germany. High quality parts combined with appropriate materials (stainless steel, high quality castings, temperature resistant plastics), robust electronics, and safety sensors all translate to a much higher cost to manufacturer. 

Truma Combi