Truma Combi Installation Resource


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Hot Air Ducting

The Truma Combi units user 65mm hot air ducting as described in the installation manual, and the 65mm is referenced throughout. Uncommon knowledge is that Truma is referencing the outside diameter of the tubing and not the industry standard inside diameter. 65mm outside diameter is 60mm inside diameter. This is the same tubing as Webasto heater would use and is readily available from sellers in your State or Province. If you are looking for a source, we recommend your local marine supplier. These are common components for marine installations. This will save you quite a bit on shipping costs, as the rolls can not be easily packaged.

If you would like to purchase online, we have had good success with Sure marine and Defender Marine. Both of these sell all fittings, tubing, outlets, etc.

Sure Marine:

Sure Marine Service

Defender Marine:

Installation Help

 If you have any questions regarding installation please feel free to email us at We highly recommend watching the video below that outlines the installation of the EU version (Combi 4 = Combi eco, Combi 4e = Combi eco plus)