Proair Advisory

On November 17th, 2022; ProAir LLC the company who manufactures many of the components we use in our UndermountAC kits filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The current status and potential outcome of the bankruptcy is currently unknown.

We have known Proair has had financial issues for quite sometime as a result of parts shortages and staffing issues so we have been preparing for this potential outcome. Proair products are high quality products manufactured by hard working Americans. Our thoughts are with the families affected by the shutdown. 

We hope ProAir LLC is purchased by another corporation and resumes operations.

What this means for

Our current rate of order fulfilment will change. We are adapting and prior to this have been testing several evaporator and condenser solutions. We will be back on track building systems and shipping orders by the new year. All existing orders are on track for their proposed ship dates, and those with preorders have been contacted if effected. We still have a large inventory of ProAir product that was shipped to us or manufactured prior to the bankruptcy, but all of our pending replenishments have been cancelled.

What this means for our existing customers.

Everything remains the same, our top notch customer support and fast response times remain unchanged, our warranty (see below) remains unchanged. Proair products are high quality products and this news does not change their functionality.

What this means for Warranty.

Warranty remains unchanged. UndermountAC has been responsible for warranty issues and parts replacements from its inception. We will continue to be here for our customers if the need arises under warranty or out of warranty. We have sufficient parts inventory for our current systems (that uses our control board) and our previous systems (that use a Proair control board) so there is no concern. If our parts inventory changes we will create retrofit solutions to newer systems.