ProAir 12V Air Conditioning System

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How does a A/C System work?

This is a basic question and is required to understand what all components of a A/C do in order to place them in your van or RV build. We highly recommend this basic outline read of how a A/C system works: Click Here

What is the system designed for and who?

This system was originally designed for Roadtrek Class B E-trek vans. Lithium Batteries became standard pieces of equipment and boon docking had become popular. As a result a need arose for a 12V A/C system. Roadtrek worked with ProAir of Indiana and this system was the fruits of their labor. This is the third generation system which uses an ultra reliable Benling Compressor.

Is this a variable speed or multi-speed system?

Yes. absolutely. The system is designed with 7 blower (evaporator) speeds so you can fine-tune how much air circulates in your van, and the compressor has 3 speeds. Only 2 of the 3 speeds are in use on the compressor. Low and medium. For a class B van it was decided that the compressor had enough cooling capacity at those lower speeds that the 3rd higher speed was not used to keep the system power draw down. The compressor is also inverter driven variable speed compressor so it has soft starts and ramps up to speed and ramps down instead of on/off.

What sort of BTU Output can I expect?

The unit was tested Testo 605i Thermohygrometer's utilizing all three of the available compressor speeds. Attached are the calculated outputs.


 Compressor High Speed
Compressor Medium Speed


What kind of power draw can I expect?

Power draw is measured in Watts, as voltage decreases amperage increases but the only measure that remains stable is Wattage. Typical operating conditions show a 1100W amp draw. Meaning that at a 14V battery voltage, the unit will draw 78Amps. This is both condenser fans running, evaporator on high speed and compressor on medium speed (max speed in present configuration)

What sort of temp drop can I expect?

The Delta T will be similar to your home. You can expect a 25-30°F temp drop with the compressor running on medium speed. If you require a larger temp drop and would prefer to run the compressor in high speed, you can expect a 30-35°F temp drop.

Will it also function as a heat pump?

No, unfortunately at present there are no 12V reversing valves on the market or controllers that can handle this. Once a 12V reversing valve becomes available we will research and develop a system that can also act as a heat pump.

Can the blower also be used for heat?

Yes! The 981 evaporator (blower) can have a hydronic heating coil installed in the casing. The digital mini thermostat can also be swapped over to a heat-capable thermostat and you can wire a Espar or equivalent hydronic heater into the system to use the same ducting, blower and thermostat for heating as well as cooling. Please contact us for more details.

Does it come with mounting brackets?


The evaporator (blower) comes with its own mounting brackets to secure it to a floor or cabinet.

Evaporator installation photos:


The compressor comes with rubber isolating mounts so it can be mounted to a bracket or the chassis. *New* All kits now ship with our in house designed compressor and dryer bracket. The bolt pattern on the back of this bracket fit perfectly on the back of the Ford Transit Brackets or bolt to a lower frame rail on a Sprinter or Promaster.


Compressor installation photos


We offer two types of Condensers.

The Stainless Steel 105 condenser is a vertically mounted condenser that was originally designed to be mounted behind the rear axle of an extended van. The mounting brackets are installed on the condenser and it is bolted directly to the floor of the van via rivnuts or nuts/bolts depending on accessibility. The 105 can also be mounted vertically next to a fuel tank or in place of a spare tire if overall clearance permits. (it is 12.5" tall) (click on thumbnail for full image)

Mounted Sideways (From Snow & Curt on Youtube, see here link)

The 105 Condenser is a upgrade at the time of purchase for $50, Please include this at the time of purchasing your kit: Click here

The standard white 109 condenser is a flat or angle mounted condenser. There are multiple styles of brackets available for this condenser, but not included with the sale of the A/C system. ProAir manufactures both brackets for the NCV3 144" Sprinter which positions this condenser on an angle see here: Link  They also manufacture a Ford transit set of brackets that position the condenser completely flat next to the fuel tank.  (click on thumbnail for full image)


Sprinter Brackets for the 144 Now available from us: Click Here

Ford Transit Brackets Now available from us: Click Here

Make your own brackets

Depending on your application you may choose to make your own brackets. A few spots allow for the horizontal mount condenser to be flat mounted directly into the Ford Transit frame. See below for a couple examples. (click on thumbnail for full image)

Standard Length Ford Transit

   Other Side: 

Extended Length Ford Transit 

Ram Promaster

What are the evaporator blower differences with the two units you sell?

The 916 evaporator/blower is a cabinet unit that is intended to be mounted with a direct output via a residential style register/grate cover or ducting adapter. This will not require any additional ducting and saves the most amount of space. This is the evaporator of choice for high humidity environments. It has a larger evaporator surface area than the 981 and dual drain ports allowing for quicker condensation drip. We now feature a duct adapter to adapt this lower cost unit to 2.5" ports. Please email use for a copy of the 3d print file!

The 981 evaporator/blower is a ducted blower that uses standard 2.5" A/C duct outputs used in the automotive industry. It will still require a register/grate opening to suck air into the evaporator, but the climate controlled air output is via the A/C ducts. These are typically placed under cabinets or under rear beds.

How loud is it?

The early version of this kit (Generation 1) had a loud fan on the compressor case. This version (generation 3) does not and the compressor is cooled on its own and is relatively quiet. The dual condenser fans are the loudest part of the system, and with a direct line of sight measure 71dB at 4' away. (same as a Dometic Penguin II rooftop 115V unit). 


What else will you need?

You will be required to provide the wiring necessary to run to the compressor circuit breaker, You will also be required to rent, purchase or borrow a Pex style Knipex tool to crimp the A/C line connections.

Installation Manual Download here

Installation Manual for Version 2 Kits (Sold after May 15, 2022)

Download Here