Price Increases

Price increases are happening industry wide.

Covid-19 has disrupted most supply chains and as a result has forced most industries to increase their pricing to compensate for an increase in overall costs. Semi conductor, steel and ocean freight price increases have greatly disrupted the RV industry and as a result increased the prices on most goods.

Our products that are in stock and will adhere to the price posted at the time of purchase, but we must increase pricing as stock is replenished to compensate for the rise in our costs. We will maintain a relatively low margin in line with our companies fair pricing policies. 

We can not offer any price holds or guarantees that a price will remain at a certain level or the same. We do however guarantee that once an order is made, your purchase is guaranteed at that price, regardless of what happens on our end. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, we wish we could party like its 2019.