Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do we sell any other version of the Combi? Propane/120V or Diesel?

No, we strictly sell the propane only version of the Combi. No others are available.


Absolutely! This store is powered by Shopify. It is a trusted platform, and guaranteed secure. Your payment can be made however you choose. You may pay by Credit Card via Shopify Payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal. You are both protected by the merchant account and your Credit Card. If you prefer, we also sell on eBay, however eBay fees will be added to the overall cost. We fully understand trust is important. Feel free to reach out to us.
We exclusively use UPS. Your order will be processed and shipped usually within 1 business day. UPS Standard typically guarantees delivery within 1-5 business days depending on location.
Your order will ship from our warehouse in Southern Ontario, Canada.
If you live in the United States we are not obligated to charge any sales tax. All necessary customs forms will be filled out and taken care of for a seamless transaction with no additional costs to you. If you are located in Canada, we are obligated to charge sales tax based on location, Ontario residents are subject to HST.

Truma Combi

Early on in our inception Truma North America announced a buying advisory, advising buyers that they will not service, support or warranty any units sold in the aftermarket. It is Truma North America's stance that no unit should be available to the aftermarket and refuses to sell to anyone other than RV manufacturers. They are advising against buying something, they wouldn't sell you in the first place. This contradicts the manufacturer Truma Germany and the European market where these units are readily available to anyone. Many people have imported their own Truma Combi units from Germany, and there have been sellers that specialized this. However, Truma North America would not honour or support these either. We solve this issue by providing our own Warranty, Tech Support and Diagnostics along with partnering with a European Truma dealer for additional parts and knowledge support if necessary.
Truma North America is of the mindset that only a OEM certified installer should install this unit in the USA, and as a result has limited the availability to the RV Manufactures. We have a limited supply purchased from a RV manufacturer, that we can offer to the aftermarket. This contradicts the European market, where the European version is readily available to the aftermarket and DIY Installers. In our experience, a van builder who is building their van for the use and enjoyment of their family is much more careful and pays more attention to the installation procedure than a "certified installer" who typically (and unfortunately) do not take as much pride in their work.
No, the standards are different in the US/Canada and like the propane powered version, the diesel version will need some significant changes to accommodate the US market and will not be available.


Yes, we are offering a 1 year parts warranty from the time you install the unit. We have dedicated parts and units set aside to make sure we can support our customers for the foreseeable future. Minor issues can be addressed with a UPS parts replacement shipment, and larger issues by a unit exchange program.
We will be here for you. After your warranty period is over, we will happily sell you replacement parts at a very reasonable cost, expedite ship them to your location regardless of where you are at our cost. We will offer all replacement parts available to our customers. Parts that we do not have in stock, we will order from our European Truma Dealer partner. Most issues are very simple in nature and a quick diagnosis can be made via email or phone. If for whatever reason we can not diagnose over the phone, and removing the unit to ship it back is not feasible, we will lend you a Truma diagnostic tool and laptop, this tool with a single keystroke will run though the entire unit step by step automatically and tell you exactly what is wrong, and why. .
No, Truma North America will not honour your warranty, nor can you register for an extended warranty. Truma only honours warranties on units installed by a certified installer when the RV was manufactured. It will not honour a warranty on a unit installed by the aftermarket. However, you are fully covered by our in-house warranty. This however does not stop certified installer or dealers from working on, repairing or diagnosing your Truma Combi.